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ByVolleyball Strength Conditiong Staff

Improves Foot Performance in Volleyball with 7 exercises

In Volleyball you often have to take a step back so you can then jump forward …

Quick and precise, strong and powerful, constantly stressed to high tensions, are the feet of the modern volleyball player. But how can a technician improve the performance of a foot that is often seen as an accessory and not as a fundamental part for the quality of training in volleyball?
The articulation of the ankle or better, the entire compartment of the lower limb is highly stressed during all phases of play, as it is continuously loaded during the thrust phase, both frontal and lateral, and during the jump phases under conditions even more traumatic during the relapse phase. Precisely for this reason it is customary to consider the foot or ankle only at the time of the accident, forgetting however how important a preventative and strengthening aspect during the warm-up phase in volleyball.

Improving the thrust phase will be essential to improve the efficiency of the movement during the phase of detachment from the ground for the jump, exploiting at best what can be considered the biomechanical action of the foot roll.

What can be the exercises useful for improving the quality of movement of this important body section? Here are the 7 main exercises for foot training.

Material: Soft mats (to perform the exercises without shoes)
Time: 15 min
Type of Training: Prevention – Free Body Upgrading

It is not necessary technical material, but only soft mattresses on which to work barefoot to avoid further trauma to the joints of the foot. A progression of the samplet to the hard to turn 15 minutes of warm up in 15 minutes of useful training for your athletes.

All the exercises listed below must be performed without shoes.


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